Simplifying ERP customisation for friction-free operations

ERP has come a long way since being an expensive, complex, and resource-heavy tool reserved for big enterprise organisations. Thousands of small and midsized businesses are now benefiting from ERP platforms specifically designed for them, allowing them access to the automation, integration, and reporting features and benefits needed to meet market[...]

Prepare for the unknown: Key considerations for businesses in FY23/24

Why small businesses need to be using AI alongside their ERPs

5 unmissable features of SAP Business One for small businesses

The new ERP feature that automates your bank feeds

Should your business migrate to the cloud?

3 simple ways to improve your cash flow management

If you're trying to improve your personal financial position, one of the most popular tactics is tracking your spending. You carefully monitor each dollar that comes in and out of your account and pay attention to what you're spending your money on. Seeing this makes it easier to change your spending habits and prioritise what you buy, and when.

Turning digital transformation from burden to benefit

It’s safe to say that digital transformation is one of the buzzwords of the year. It sounds complex, but the premise is quite simple: using technology to automate processes and deliver better information. The process doesn’t disappear; it’s just done electronically rather than manually.

ShipStation Integration to SAP Business One

ShipStation Integration to SAP Business One, the IDC 2020 Leader in Small Office Cloud ERP application

SAP Business One was recently recognized by IDC as Leader in the worldwide software-as-a-service (SaaS) and cloud-enabled small office ERP applications market.

5 Excel Essential Tips Migrating Business Data | Part 5

One of the most common challenges and hurdles to overcome when taking on any new software, is how to cleanse data from your old system. Don’t let messy data stop you from moving to a more powerful software platform to run your business. This series of blogs will present 5 of the most used groups of Microsoft Excel features for cleansing your data that[...]

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