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SAP Business One provides powerful analytic and reporting tools, including a complimentary and fully integrated version of SAP Crystal Reports for SAP Business One, so you can gather data from multiple sources and generate timely and accurate reports based on company-wide data. You'll gain real-time access to predefined dashboards and reports, as well as productivity tools to support effective decision making.

Designed for ease of use with full control over report formats and access control, fast data manipulation and engaging visualizations, this leading small business analytics software you allows you to analyse data from a variety of enterprise and personal sources to quickly discover unique and valuable insights.


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Interactive Analysis

Access data from multiple sources, create new reports, and customize existing ones in a variety of layouts with minimal IT overhead.


Report Creation & Customisation

Access data from multiple sources, create new reports, and customize existing ones in a variety of layouts with minimal IT overhead.


Intuitive Tools

Improve effeciency with drag and relate, drill downs, search assistance, and workflow-based alerts.


Analytics Plus Pre-Defined KPIs

Help you to see average delivery variance days, top five sales employees.


Real-Time Access

Gain real-time access to predefined dashboards, reports and productivity tools from any device and location.


Data Visualisation

Take your reporting a step further with powerful visualisations by integrating SAP Lumira for SAP B1.

Real business benefits

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Deliver faster time to insight in a repeatable, self-service way

Quickly organize and consolidate data however you want it – without writing a single line of code or creating an additional modelling layer

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Maximize business knowledge with big-picture insights and granular details

Combine data from different sources and lines of business into a single view to get immediate answers and discover unique insight that can be shared enterprise-wide

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Increase self-service data usage

Pull data directly from your enterprise and personal sources, bringing them together in a repeatable, easily understood way - allowing you to access and acquire data without any scripting or input from IT

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Visualize any amount of data in real time

Create beautiful graphics and visualisations rendered in real time that support and enhance your iterative thought processes - from simple bar charts to multidimensional charts

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