Optimise buying and purchasing behaviours to increase your margins

Real-time inventory and production management at your fingertips

SAP Business One provides comprehensive support for inventory tracking and valuation. Its inventory and production management tools help manage detailed warehouse data, track and record stock movements, and plan and release production orders based on your material requirements planning. You can manage inventory by location, create an unlimited number of price lists, integrate multiple currencies, manage the complete order-to-pay cycle and define discount rules that are automatically applied to transactions.

SAP B1's integrated reporting tools let you easily compare suppliers and prices to negotiate better deals and identify opportunities for cost savings.


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Achieve real bottom-line benefits with one integrated solution



Create purchase requests, POs; link purchasing documents for trails for audit purposes


Master data management

Manage detailed data, view account balances and purchase analyses, and maintain detailed item purchasing information with price lists and tax information.


Warehouse and Accounting Integration

Achieve real- time synchronization of goods receipts and inventory warehouse levels.



Generate reports with real-time data and display them in various report formats or dashboards.


Accounts Payable

Process invoices, cancellations, and credit memos with a PO reference. Plan your material needs and schedule your purchases accordingly.


Production Management

Plan material requirements for complex, multi-level production processes and maintain an optimum inventory levels.

Real business benefits

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Greater efficiency through automated processes

Streamline your inventory and production management processes and manage inventory across multiple warehouses and locations automatically - freeing up employees to carry out more valuable tasks

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Improved customer service

Access reliable information about inbound and outbound shipments as well as current inventory levels so you can increase customer satisfaction through on-time delivery and fewer shortages

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Lower inventory costs

Ensure raw materials and parts are ordered and available for production when needed while avoiding shortages and ensuring timely delivery without maintaining surplus inventory

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Keener business insight

Create payroll reports from four main categories: Payroll, Employee, Time & Attendance and ATO reporting and use report filters to easily retrieve the specific financial data you require

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