Hybrid working: How to create employee culture anywhere

5 ways to improve your sales conversions

The payroll integration for SAP Business One makes compliance easy

In early 2022,  the Australian government started Phase 2 of its Single Touch Payroll initiative, which required businesses to report more information to the Australian Taxation Office each pay cycle.

SAP Business One is now available through your web browser

Forecasting versus Budgeting for Today’s Businesses

Recently, Key Business Solutions has been hearing a lot of chatter around the differences, strengths and weaknesses of budgeting and forecasting as two separate processes. We’ve seen the following perspective grow in popularity: forecasting might be more effective to planning for modern business than traditional budgeting. We’re committed to staying on[...]

Budgeting and Forecasting 101 for SAP Business One

Budgeting is one of those unavoidable tasks that most of us would prefer to avoid, especially when budgeting and/or forecasting for a corporation of multiple moving parts. At Key Business Solutions, we wonder if it has anything to do with the tool you are using to tackle your planning processes. Any healthy sized organization can likely agree that[...]

How to Treat a Bad Budget Software Implementation

In this post we'll focus on how to get a solution for a bad budget software implementation.

SAP Business One Cloud vs. Traditional Accounting Systems

Improve your business processes with an advanced cloud-based ERP system.

5 Ways to Improve Your Inventory Management

Cashflow is King: 5 Ways to Improve Your Inventory Management

Overcoming cost barriers of Accounting/ERP could solutions

Many company Owners and Managers of small to medium sized businesses are constantly asking the same question. “Is an Accounting/ERP solution a good fit for our size of company and will I achieve a return"?

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