Simplifying ERP customisation for friction-free operations


ERP has come a long way since being an expensive, complex, and resource-heavy tool reserved for big enterprise organisations. Thousands of small and midsized businesses are now benefiting from ERP platforms specifically designed for them, allowing them access to the automation, integration, and reporting features and benefits needed to meet market changes and achieve business and revenue growth.

But what if SMBs could take these benefits and successes even further?

Every business is different and uses (or would use) an ERP differently. Yet full customisation is rare. Most ERPs are largely usable out of the box - and many will find success using these solutions. But for those who want to go a step further, customisation is still something reserved for the bigger organisations with bigger budgets. Until now.

Could you benefit from ERP customisation?

Customisation isn't even on the radar of many SMBs investing in ERP platforms. The whole point of ERPs designed for smaller businesses (like SAP Business One, for example) is to provide accessible and affordable platforms that will enable businesses to benefit from integrated systems.

Out-of-the-box solutions can be a great option - they can still be implemented and maximised to fit your business, and hundreds of thousands of businesses globally are benefiting from them. However, unique scenarios and needs exist in every business. Out-of-the-box solutions sometimes mean that SMBs need to fit their business around the technology - rather than have systems that fit their specific operations.

Some businesses could benefit greatly from more customised solutions. Traditionally though, customisation has been a large undertaking that can't be achieved without a specialised developer. This takes time, money and a depth of understanding and experience to ensure these customisations will be futureproofed and won't need continuous changes as the business evolves.

Because of this, many SMBs have been shut out from customisation, and forced to live with workarounds.

Your ERP should meet your unique business needs

If out-of-the-box ERP is so beneficial for SMBs, why customise? If you could benefit from ERP customisation, you might already know. There might be some things about your system that irks you or constant workarounds your team need to make.

If you don't have an ERP, it could be limitations that are keeping you from investing.

For those who feel their ERP is not 100% aligned with their operations, customising your software can allow you to reduce friction and streamline operations and processes.

Picture this: Your ERP dashboard only shows you information that is pertinent to your role. It alerts you to tasks that need to be actioned. You can jump straight to the information you need to see, and your actions are automatically communicated to other members of the team. You can then get on with your day.

That's what ERP customisation can deliver. Customisation can deliver:

  • Improved productivity
  • Increased customer & employee satisfaction
  • Reduced errors and manual tasks
  • Improved efficiency across the business

Simply, customisation allows you to bend your software to suit your organisation, your employees and your customers.

Making customisation accessible to SMBs

There's good news for those who see the benefit in customising their ERP (or who have delayed investment because of potential limitations). You no longer need an expensive developer to achieve ERP customisation.

New software solutions are making ERP customisation accessible to SMBs who want a more streamlined experience that matches their businesses - without the time and cost of traditional customisation.

Thousands of SMBs worldwide are already using this software to extend the features and functionality of their ERPs and improve their business outcomes and ROI. including:

  • Creating new navigation and redesigning screens
  • Ensuring data quality
  • Making advanced validation
  • Automating tasks and communication flows
  • Creating personalised dashboards

Depending on your ERP, there are different options for developer-free customisation. A popular one is B1Up from Boyum IT, a software that is compatible with SAP Business One, one of the most popular and affordable ERPs designed specifically for SMBs.

ERP customisation can ensure your software is working hand in hand with your business processes and employees to deliver the best ROI and best outcomes for your team and your customers. Customisation opens the door to new growth possibilities in 2024 and beyond.

To find out more about customisation options for your business, contact us here.

About the Author: Deryc Turner

Deryc Turner

Deryc Turner has a degree in Economics from Sydney University and is a Fellow of the Australian CPA's. Since 1994 he has been advising small and medium businesses on how to maximize the value of their information systems to gain an unfair advantage over their competition

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