SAP Business One Cloud Inventory Management

Taking the Invent out of Inventory Management


SAP Business One Cloud Inventory Management – Taking the Invent out of Inventory Management

For many small businesses, managing their inventory is a challenge that sometimes gets the best of even the most patient staff members.

To use the old expression, if I had a dollar for every time… and added …a small business manager said they don’t trust their inventory management software – I’d be a wealthy man.

So why is this so often the case that people simply give up on the goal of having an accurate inventory and end up taking the path of turning it in to inventory management where the numbers are based on a best guess scenario where close enough must be good enough?


 Identifying the Problem

From my experience, it comes down to 2 primary culprits – computers and culture.

Or as you would refer to it in the McKinsey 7S Model for managing and growing a business – systems and style – the processes, both manual and computerised, that are in place inside an organisation and the management approach to the underlying issues.

Unfortunately, too often the frustration with one leads to issues with the other.

So how do you address the challenges presented in this scenario.

In my view, it comes down to simplicity when possible and complexity when required and that’s what you have at your fingertips with an SAP Business One Cloud based solution.


 Making a Start

You can start off with the Starter Package, a simple and template based implementation of the solution based on pre-defined best practices deployed with a fixed scope and fixed price approach – supplemented with a lot of do-it-yourself configuration work guided with video and wizard based setup and deployment.

Of course, as the business grows and the needs become more complex you can leverage that simplicity and extend it. You can boost your solution with additional functionality from the full SAP Business One Cloud professional user. This  adds the capabilities for serial and batch management, advanced Available to Promise powered by SAP HANA and supplemented where necessary with complementary solutions that plugin additional inventory forecasting and demand planning over and above what is in the starter package solution.


Too Good to be True?

Sounds too good to be true, right? Particularly if you are currently struggling with your inventory and the associated challenges that come with inaccurate inventory management like out of stocks on fast moving items, overstocks on the less popular ones, incorrect margin calculations and the attendant customer satisfaction hits that come from a lack of predictability of supply that they face when dealing with a supplier that has these problems.

If you would like to learn more about how an SAP Business One solution can work for your small or midsized business, call the team at Key Business Solutions for a discussion on whether the solution can work for you.

You’ll also be surprised at how affordable it can be with the SAP Business One Cloud Starter Package kicking in for as little as $4 per user per day – hosted by SAP in world class, secure data centres and implemented by one of Australia’s most experienced small and midsize business consulting teams.

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