Rules for Selecting a New SAP Business One Solution

Whether its Cloud ERP or On Premises ERP - Don’t Forget the No 1 Rule of Selecting a new SAP Business One Solution...



Rules for Selecting a new SAP Business One Solution

These days it seems that almost every ERP provider has now jumped on board the Cloud ERP bandwagon and for good reasons. There are may reasons both economic and technical why deploying a Cloud ERP solution based on SAP Business One could make sense for your business.

But its critical to try to avoid getting in to the discussions where the technology story leads the way because at the end of the day, deploying an ERP solution is all about automating your business processes and doing it in a way that is cost effective, customer friendly and makes your staffs lives easier – not harder.


So the no 1 rule when you are choosing a new ERP solution always comes down to this – make sure the solution meets your functional requirements for today and has the scope to grow for tomorrow – before you engage in the architlyectural and technology based discussions.

How To Manage the Process Effective

The main area to focus on and the most important step in any technology purchasing decision (and that includes ERP) is to be clear about the problem you are trying to solve, what the economic benefits of solving those problems will be and how long will it take for you to realise your return on investment.

This may sound like a blinding flash of the obvious but in may selection processes


I have been engaged in, the thrill of the evaluation and purchasing chase sometimes leads to this best practice approach being thrown out the window.

Unless you are buying a do it yourself solution for less than a few thousand dollars (and these do not really exist in my experience, except in the marketing promises of some software vendors) you need to take this approach and where possible work with an organisation that matches yours in size, scope and specialisation.

This is where you will find that experience is the number one thing to look for when selecting a partner to assist you. There are lots of bright young folks out there in the market involved in sales and pre-sales (and that’s a good thing) however there’s 2 things you don’t want to meet  – a first time brain surgeon when your life depends on it and a first time ERP implementer when your business depends on its success.


That’s where Key Business Solutions can assist so give Deryc Turner and the team a call and have an exploratory discussion about your business and whether or not a new ERP solution makes sense – with more than 20 years personal experience as an accountant implementing ERP, Deryc can help guide you in the right direction.

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