Why Training is Crucial When Deploying a New ERP Solution

How on-demand video training can help your employees get the most out of your ERP




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As businesses begin to evaluate their growing needs, many view system upgrades and improved operational effectiveness as high priorities. To support business sustainability and growth, most companies choose to integrate ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solutions into their infrastructures, allowing them to scale effectively.


Small Business Cloud Accounting Software and ERP systems, such as SAP Business One from Key Business Solutions in Sydney and Brisbane, can be a real game-changer for any organization. By implementing these real-time Cloud ERP solutions, businesses can create a cloud-based working environment that centralizes all of their internal and external operational processes. However, while the adoption of these systems can bring numerous benefits to an organization, it's important that team members receive adequate training on how to get most out of these advanced solutions.


Here are three reasons why training is essential when deploying a new ERP solution.

Increased Productivity and Resources

Implementing a new ERP solution can be an exciting time for all employees as they learn about the benefits that these systems afford. However, without adequate training on how to properly use each of the available modules, departments can quickly become overwhelmed with the transition, and productivity will suffer. Proper departmental training on the functionality of an ERP system will significantly increase the productivity (and satisfaction) of employees as they discover how to use the automation tools that these solutions provide.

Reduction In Overall Operational Costs

Effective resource planning and inventory management is the backbone of any quality ERP system. SAP Business One is built with advanced forecasting tools and virtual warehousing capabilities that guide product managers through every step of the planning process. While these modules may be easy enough to navigate, optimizing their effectiveness requires dedicated training and support. By developing a regular ERP training schedule, you can ensure that you get the most out of the resource planning modules, maximizing your operational efficiency and net profitability.

Better Risk Management

While ERP solutions provide something for everybody in the way of automation and productivity, it's vital that everyone is on the same page regarding how the system process is managed. Consistency within the organization is crucial to get the most benefit out of your enterprise solution. Lack of understanding of workflows and the hierarchy of system processes can cause large gaps in your operations that could lead to disastrous consequences. Adequate ERP training during the planning and implementation stages can ensure that your integration goes smoothly while keeping all departments aligned with your new system processes.

The Benefits of On-Demand ERP Video Training



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While most companies would agree that a dedicated training schedule is ideal when deploying an ERP solution, for many businesses, this isn't feasible. After all, during system integration, businesses still need to run their day-to-day operations, and setting aside precious resources for large-scale company training may not be a viable option. However, this is where the beauty of on-demand video training comes in.


Formal ERP training sessions can be lengthy in format and cost thousands of dollars in consultation fees. On the other hand, on-demand ERP video training enables teams to get up to speed quickly with their new enterprise solution, while allowing them to lower their training costs and target the areas most applicable to them. As the company grows and the need for training on new ERP modules increases, on-demand training solutions are incredibly beneficial, as they are readily accessible and can be viewed 24 hours a day. By having a visual aid to walk step-by-step through each training session, employees are much more likely to retain what they learn, significantly increasing the overall value of investing in an ERP solution.

At Key Business Solutions, we have deployed a complete set of training videos through our partnership with ASUG ONE.Source, the worlds largest SAP Business One User Group that guide users through the entire SAP Business One solution.

You can access these from the Internet or even via your SAP Business One deployment and make sure your users have the on demand information they need to make the most of their new Cloud ERP solution.

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