4 things your small business Cloud ERP solution should deliver ... but usually doesn't

iStock-665088736-cropMost businesses, large and small, usually deploy a new ERP solution in response to a clearly defined set of requirements inside the business.

Some of the traditional drivers include boosting cash flow through better debtor management, freeing up working capital through better inventory management, accelerating revenue with Sales Force Automation and driving better customer service through service management both mobile and call centre or office based.

Almost every mid to large enterprise solution delivers the ability to address all of these areas but when it comes to small business Cloud ERP, the choices are often limited to a core set of functions - often called cloud financial software or cloud accounting software.

This is where solutions such as Xero or Quickbooks Online are often the first to spring to mind.

The problem with small business cloud accounting software

The big issue with solutions like these , as inexpensive, functional and as user friendly as they are, is that most businesses quickly reach the limitations of these packages particularly when a period of growth hits the business or a need for additional capabilities like CRM, field service and inventory optimisation become a necessity.

Suddently you are contemplating buying additional software packages and going through the challenges of gluing them together which is never as simple or as easy as the software vendors tell you, unfortunately.

The good news is that small businesses and their larger medium sized business cousins now have a choice when it comes to Cloud ERP and it comes from the most unlikely source (well, as far as most people seem to believe) - SAP.

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Yes, that SAP, the software company that builds solutions for the Fortune 500 and Fortune 1000.

But you may not have been aware of the fact that SAP also have more than 60,000 small and lower midsized business customers running their SAP Business One application.

Thanks to a number of innovations from partners like Key Business Solutions who deliver the SAP Business One Cloud ERP solution for small and medium businesses in Sydney and Brisbane, its now possible to take the same SAP Business Cloud ERP solution and deploy it for as little as $4 per user per day for businesses as small as 1 user.

The benefits of an SAP Business One Cloud ERP solution

That means you can get all the functionality that larger businesses have had access to for years and access it via a web browser, securely in the cloud in a simple and easy to learn solution.

Plus you get access to the 4 core components that every ERP solution should have that will help you drive innovation and boost productivity in your business.

  1. Built in role based analytics, reporting and dashboards
  2. Integration with Microsoft Office 365
  3. Cloud deployment with unlimited room to grow
  4. Built in integration capabilities to lik to customers and suppliers

To see this in action for yourself, you can simply visit Key Business Solutions web site and request access to a free trial - you'll be up and running with the tiral in no time at all and you can explore the solution for yourself.

 Sign up for a Free Trial

Better still, ask one of the KBS team for an introductory demo tailored to your business and industry and you'll be able to see how the solution can help you address your business challenges and provide a platform for growth as well as increased efficiency and profitability.


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