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In the last few years, the steady supply of advancing technology and innovative business solutions has led many companies to adapt their infrastructures to these new developments in support of achieving higher sustainability. For many organizations, cloud computing technology has provided the convenience and customizability that they require when quickly implementing new business solutions and advancing their operational capacity. This is especially the case when a business chooses to set up their ERP solutions in the cloud versus an on-premises deployment.

 For companies who already use an ERP solution like SAP Business One, or are currently in the process of preparing for deployment, the question of choosing whether to deploy in the cloud or on the premises may seem insignificant. However, there is a compelling case to be made for the additional benefits a cloud-based ERP solution can provide.

 Here are four core aspects of cloud computing solutions outlining why ERP deployment in the cloud may be better suited for your organization.

Lower Upfront Costs and Faster Deployment

To effectively deploy an enterprise resource planning solution, it's essential that the system hosting the software is capable of handling the intensive workload and bandwidth that these solutions demand. Unlike on-premises setups, cloud-based solutions do not require expensive hardware upgrades or additional IT staff to run successfully.

Hosted solutions require less than half of the initial investment required by on-premises deployments and take much less time to launch. SAP Business One cloud ERP systems also help to manage cash flow through a fixed monthly fee that covers the cost of the entire software package and all user licenses.

Business Access from Anywhere in the World



 By moving your ERP system to the cloud, authenticated users can access company information from anywhere in the world. This convenience is essential as businesses begin to expand their operations and work with additional external partners and employees.

Cloud computing brings a new level of efficiency to team collaboration and project management. Sales teams on the road can stay connected to your system regardless of where they are, and be provided with real-time reporting and CRM tools and services, significantly increasing sales productivity.

Automated System Updates and Better Reliability

The inner workings of an ERP system are complicated by their very nature.

Keeping everything in working order and ensuring maximum efficiency requires significant diligence on the part of your IT department which as a small business with limited resources can add an extra expense you don't want.

However, by deploying SAP Business One in the cloud, you can significantly reduce the internal resources necessary to maintain your ERP correctly.

Hosted ERP solutions from Key Business Solutions provide automated updates and reliability checks 24 hours a day and offer a completely hands-off approach to managing your software as our cloud provider manages the entire solution for you.

Higher Level of System Security



One of the primary concerns that business owners have in migrating their operations to the cloud is system security. However, in nearly all situations, cloud computing vendors offer significantly better protection than most companies can afford when compared to on-premises solutions. ERP providers employ teams of experienced IT professionals who are well-equipped to deploy the latest cybersecurity measures on behalf of your company. Keeping your data safely stored and managed offsite is the primary goal of ERP providers, and in combination with your internal data-security efforts, this provides a highly secure method of controlling your operations.


SAP Business One Cloud is a great example of how this new generation of Cloud ERP solutions allows businesses to effectively manage their operations in the cloud.

By better controlling costs and automating system maintenance and security, cloud-based ERP deployment is becoming an increasingly popular solution for businesses of all shapes and sizes.


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