Scheduling Frequencies

No other automation tool provides the huge array of frequencies that CRD makes available at your fingertips.

Every Day

Repeat every x days. For example, repeat ever 2 days will run the schedule every other day.

Every Week Day

Schedules will not run on Saturday and Sunday.

Every Week

Repeat every x weeks. Choose the days too. For example run every 2 weeks on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.

Every Month

Repeat every x months. Specify only certain months. Also, choose special days of the month. For example, run on the last Friday of every month except March.

Every Year

Schedules run annually on a given date.

Custom Calendar

Create your own calendars for custom frequencies. For example. 4-4-3

Exception Calendar

Schedules will not run on these dates. Use the built in public holidays or select your own custom “do not run” dates. For example, do not run on New Year’s Day.


Schedules will run when an event occurs. For example, Database record is modified, Database record is created, Unread email is present, File is modified, Process exists.

Repeat Until

Repeat schedules at regular intervals. For example, Run every Tuesday at 8am and repeat the run every 30 minutes until 5pm.

Start & End Dates

Automatically set the schedule to begin on a given date, repeat at the given interval, and end on a set date. For example, Start on 1 Jan 2016. Run every weekday until 31 March 2018.