SAP Business One Payroll

Payroll for SAP Business One powered by KBS

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SAP Business One Payroll

from Key Business Solutions


At last ! An Australian Cloud Payroll for SAP Business One.

Single Touch Payroll Reporting - automatically report payroll information direct to the Australian Taxation Office.

Simplify your processes with automated notifications, super payments, termination and leave calculations.

Complete with inbuilt modern Awards interpretation to make it easy for payroll managers to pay staff correctly, or for tricky and unique scenarios, create custom rule sets to suit your requirements -  each and every pay run.

Get rid of manual paper-based employee requests and allow staff to maintain their personal details, submit time sheets, apply for leave and more on line

Move on from manual time sheets. Our apps record employee work hours and input them straight into the pay run.

Easily build and maintain rosters to budget with real time shift costs and complete visibility.

Create and customize Fair Work compliant pay slips that can be easily accessed in the Cloud.

KBS Cloud Payroll for SAP Business One  is fully integrated via the B1 Integration Framework.


SAP Business One Payroll

Cloud Based, Simple - Intuitive and live to your SAP Business One financials


Automate employee pay calculations

Create and manage your own unique set of pay rules to automate pay conditions such as penalties, allowances, overtime, and rostered days off using pay conditions engine.

Better manage your workforce and costs

Enhance visibility of your team across multiple locations using workforce management apps and business tools. Provide real time insights into the operating costs of your business and streamline payroll processes.

Automate award calculations

Remove manual calculations of pay conditions by installing a pre-packaged modern award for true automation of all pay rate calculations, along with any penalty, loading, and allowance entitlements. eliminates manual errors and helps you stay compliant.

Reporting effortlessly

Create payroll reports from four main categories: Payroll, Employee, Time & Attendance and ATO reporting. Using report filters such as date range, employing entity, pay schedule, and location, to name a few, you can easily retrieve the specific financial data you require, with minimum effort.

Live View Reports

Displaying real time clocking activities generated via Clock Me In and our Employee Self Service App - WorkZone, this report follows the live data of all clocking activities of employees. Available for managers to access anywhere and at any time, Live View provides a snapshot of all employee movements whilst you’re on the go, and is a handy tool for managers to manage timesheet inconsistencies on the spot should they happen.



Easily access COVID-19 JobKeeper payments via Single Touch Payroll

If your business qualifies for the JobKeeper program, you must be using Single Touch Payroll compliant software to access payments for eligible employees. allows employers to get JobKeeper ready, and easily manage these payments.

Employee eligibility report
Our JobKeeper eligibility report provides employers with the information to make informed decisions on which of their employees fit the Government eligibility criteria.
Employee nomination notices
Once you’ve identified eligible employees, enables you to bulk publish employee nomination notices to easily obtain and record employee consent before commencing payments.
Streamline JobKeeper payment management
Perform the three available JobKeeper options in via an easy-to-use context panel: JobKeeper top-up, JobKeeper start, and JobKeeper finish.


Features & Functions


Revolutionise how you manage employees

Say goodbye to tedious, repetitive requests and improve employee productivity business-wide. employee portal empowers staff to navigate requests and find information for themselves so you don’t have to. All employee data is in one secure space, allowing managers to monitor and approve requests from one system which integrates straight into payroll.

Employee data management employee portal allows staff to change or view their personal details themselves. Employees can update bank details, address, super funds, and view pay slips without having to contact their payroll manager. They can even view and approve work related documents straight from the portal - no paper forms or email required.

Leave management

Unshackle yourself from long email chains and paperwork. Staff can easily update their unavailability and request leave from the employee portal - which automatically notifies their manager for approval. Employees can even view their colleagues’ leave dates in a handy leave calendar.


Managing expenses in a separate system from payroll? Bring it all into one system with With the employee portal, staff can log their expenses digitally, select an expense category, and upload receipts all in one place.


Employees can manually log and edit timesheets in the employee portal, automatically notifying managers for approval. Managers can view, edit or reject timesheets without having to leave the system. Don’t worry about calculating the timesheet data, it’s all automatically fed straight into the pay run. Timesheet management has never been easier.


Communicating staff rosters is easy with the employee portal. Share up to date rosters with staff on the employee portal, who have a real time view in case any changes need to be made. Reduce time spent re-organising rosters and replacing shifts with employee shift bidding and shift swapping.


On average we spend over a third of our day on our mobiles, so why wouldn’t we use it for our work? With WorkZone, employees can access the employee portal features through their smartphone, catering to those who are constantly on the run or don’t have access to a desktop computer. At no extra cost to the KeyPay subscription, employees can update and manage their information with a few taps of a finger.

Payroll User Prices

 excluding GST (AUD)


Starting from $10 per employee per month - and you only pay for employees who are part of an actual pay run!


SAP Business One is the leading cloud ERP and accounting software used by more than 65,000 customers around the world. With the addition of the SAP Business One Payroll, you can complete your business accounting system and manage all the aspects of your payroll process as well as HR compliance requirements.