Event Triggers

Respond instantly to business and client needs by firing off reports and automation scripts when an event occurs. CRD gives you a list of triggers to suit any occasion. All the triggers below can run if the condition is True or if the condition is False.

Database Record Exists

Apply to new database records only, or to any matching database records.

Database Record Has Been Modified

Choose to include New (Inserted) records and Deleted records. Use this for follow-ups by selecting to only match the condition if the record has been (or not been modified) in x minutes. Repeat the action every x minutes until the condition is no longer true, or run just once.

Unread Mail Is Present

Monitor a POP or IMAP mailbox for new emails. Forward or Redirect. Delete mail after processing. Read the body text and other mail sections (sender email, subject, etc. ) and use the values to populate report parameters, email addresses, etc. For example, send the report to the sender of the email.

File Exists

Use this trigger to respond to the existence of a new file in a local or network folder.

File Has Been Modified

Great for monitoring log files, but works equally well for all other types of local or network files.

Other Event Triggers

  • Process Exists
  • Window is Present