Flexible, highly customizable and function-rich destination functionality.


  • Output to a single printer.
  • Multiple copies to a single printer.
  • Output to multiple printers (bulk printing).
  • Multiple copies to multiple printers.


  • Set up & use one or multiple SMTP servers.
  • Use different SMTP servers/accounts for various schedules.
  • Nominate one or more SMTP servers as backup or failover servers.
  • Connect to Secure SMTP servers.
  • Connect and send via Groupwise.
  • Connect & send via MAPI.
  • Silent integration with MS Outlook & MS Exchange.
  • Use Outlook/Exchange address book.
  • Use CRD’s built in address book.
  • CC & BCC
  • Insert additional files as attachments.
  • Read email addresses from a database.
  • Read email address from a mailing list (text file).
  • Insert personalized tags in email body. For example, Dear {tablename.firstname}.
  • Send emails in plain text or HTML.
  • Use raw HTML code to construct better-looking emails
  • Embed report into email body.
  • Read Receipt Processing.


  • Output to local drives. For example C:\MyReports\Today.
  • Output to network shares and UNC paths. For example \\MyServer\C\MyReports\Today.
  • Output to a remote system by Dial-Up Networking or VPN.
  • Choose to append to an existing file instead of overwriting it.


  • Upload reports to FTP server.
  • Supports Secure FTP – SSL 3 & SSL 3.1 (TLS).
  • Upload non-report files.
  • Download files from FTP server.


  • Manual or automated output to fax driver.
  • Choose to include a cover sheet.
  • Single or multiple recipients per schedule.


  • Export the report data directly to a database table via an ODBC DSN.
  • Choose to overwrite if target table already exists.

SMS (Cell phone Text)

  • Send a text alert or simply embed a text report body into an SMS message.
  • Use a local GSM Phone or device.
  • Use a service provider (SMSC) via standard modem.

Microsoft Sharepoint

  • Export reports directly to Microsoft Sharepoint Libraries, Folders and Lists.

Other Destination Options

  • Upload to DropBox
  • Compress (ZIP) file before delivery.
  • Password protect ZIP file using zip encryption level 128, 192 or 256.
  • Customize the output file name
  • Customize the output file extension. For example, a CSV file normally named myfile.csv can be exported as
  • Append a date/time stamp to the output file.
  • Deferred delivery allows you to take environmental issues into account. For example, export the reports at 1am, but do not email them until 7am as the email server is unavailable during those hours.
  • Use PGP Encryption to secure file before delivery.
  • Select multiple destinations. For example, the same report can be emailed to one recipient and a copy saved to a folder on your server.
  • Group Bursting
  • Section Bursting
  • Sub-report bursting