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Here at Key Business Solutions we pride ourselves on helping small business grow. We do that by providing exemplary customer service – to the point where our customers will take the time out of their day to speak about their experiences. Product is only half the solution. With the dedicated back up and support of a great team, we know that our clients are getting the best of the solution and more importantly concentrating on the growth of their business.

Watch Tony May speak about his experience.

SAP was almost a no before we started to sit down and look at it. But the more we looked, the more we felt comfortable. We had multiple systems and lots of hands-on stuff. SAP Business One integrated all of that together. We thought migrating would be difficult... turned out to be a very simple process. We needed to have a system that we could basically turn on and have work. We moved across to the new system on day one with minimal issues. Since we made the move to SAP Business One, the company turnover has almost tripled… with over four times the number of inventory items. If we were trying to use the old systems we would be really finding it very difficult. The cost of SAP was far cheaper than the competition and gave us real value that we weren't able to get with the other software. If you're in the market to buy some new software to run your business, please don't be scared off by the word SAP. It has a lot to offer, it's far more affordable than you might think.

Tony May

Owner / Specialty Diagnostix


Watch Estephan speak about his experience

We are a very diverse business dealing in technology, SEO, smart appliances, security systems, alarms, car GPS Systems, web-sites and digital marketing. As our goal is to grow the business, we really need better visibility on our inventory systems and our current system was just not giving us this. In stepped Key Business Solutions and we have never regretted going down the SAP Business One path. Implementation was a lot smoother than we anticapated and together with the KBS team to help steer us in the right path we were up and running in a very short space of time. The peace of mind the system gives us helps us make critical business decisions around inventory, sales and cashflow. The detail reporting gives us the confidence we require moving forward and this system will be the foundation of our company for many years to come.

Estephan Epenian

Owner / Mi Technologies


Watch Ken Hogg speak about his experience

We have been a partner with Apple for the last 22 years, providing IT services to the education sector. We used to use a software solution called Shopfront. Even though this was working for us from a transactional perspective, it was not tied to the back-end. SAP Business One now gives us the ability to have separate warehouses and help us manage the transfers between them. This gives us confidence in knowing where our stock is. From the time we made the decision to go SAP Business One we were up and running within 2 weeks. The transition was very smooth with a small learning curve. Everything just seems to flow and make sense. We have worked closely with Key Business Solutions since 2004 and they have been a great ally to call on when required. This has given us the ability to concentrate on our core strengths, which is to service our customers. The biggest benefit is that we can find anything in the one system.

Ken Hogg

Owner / Educom IT