Custom Tasks and Workflow Automation

Give yourself greater control by using CRD’s Custom Tasks to create automation scripts and workflows. Use them as a complete automation process in ‘automation schedules’, or to provide additional enhancement as part of report export schedules.

Additional Report Schedules Task Actions

  • Run Custom Tasks before report delivery.
  • Run Custom Task after report production.
  • Run Custom Task after report delivery.
  • Run Custom Task before and after a report has exported.
  • Use custom tasks to create Automation Schedules.

Available Custom Tasks

  • Run Program (bat, exe, com)
  • Open, Print Document
  • Wait/Pause
  • Send SMS
  • Execute Schedule
  • Set, Delete Create Registry Ke
  • Send an Email
  • Open a Web Address
  • Upload to FTP
  • Download, Delete from FTP
  • Create, Delete FTP Directory
  • Execute SQL Script
  • Run Stored Procedure
  • Insert, Update, Delete Database Record
  • Create, Delete Database Table
  • Create, Delete Table Column