Thinking about Small Business Cloud ERP software? Think SAP Business One

Most small businesses are looking for software that is easy to use and allows them to manage their cash, plus provide their external accountants with enough information to do their tax return.

Importantly they do not want to spend a large amount of money on the software itself as they are by definition small and cash is tight.

Ideally that means something that is a pay by the month scenario and the software is housed and accessed from the Cloud via a web browser.

For many a small business this means opting to use a basic bookkeeping software for a few years, and if the business works and grows then having to switch to a new and more powerful software platform.

When the business grows does your software cope?

Given the business does expand / grow, the two most notable outcomes here are loss of historic data and the pain / downtime of learning a new system - with different ways of doing the same basics - along with learning the more advanced features you now need as a successful organisation.

It’s an interesting thought to consider what would happen if the business works / grows and you could stick with the same software. No loss of data, and no re-training. Just turn on the more advanced functions you now need.

How so? What you need to do to achieve this is find a software solution which can be used just like a basic bookkeeping software, but have more advanced features hidden or turned off until you need to use them.

Importantly it must still be inexpensive and easy to pick up how to use it without lots of training.

If this idea appeals to you then have a look at SAP Business One Cloud . A single cloud user starts at AU $135 ex GST per month.

SAP Business One can be run as a simple cashbook with an interface that arguably requires no training. When required, you can simply activate areas such as lead management, inventory, service, project accounting and human resources – as well as adding additional users as the team expands – without any loss of performance.

SAP Business One provides an opportunity to install an  ERP solution that can easily re-size itself to cater for growth.


In summary, just because your business is small does not mean you should discount SAP as a potential software provider. The best run businesses run SAP – irrespective of size – see for yourself and sign up for a free trial of the software at

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