7 things this small Australian business owner said about SAP

Since switching to SAP Business One financial software, Tony’s turnover has tripled in his small distribution business. He admits he was almost “scared off” by the SAP option, as he saw it as an expensive enterprise solution. We chatted to him to see how things went after implementation.

Some background on Specialty Diagnostics........

Tony May runs Specialty Diagnostix, a small company that distributes therapeutic drugs to Australian pathology labs. It is a niche but competitive market that requires responsive service and, with strict TGA regulations, very accurate inventory control, auditing, tracking and reporting.

They had basic accounting systems in place to run the financials, but Tony and his two business partners also needed inventory management, reporting, forecasting and analytics. They needed enterprise level software on a small business budget. After researching the market, they decided to go with SAP Business One. Here is some of their feedback.

Definite ‘no’, became an easy ‘yes’

“SAP was almost a no before I started to sit down and look at it. But the more we looked, the more we felt comfortable and we decided we would go that way. The implementation confirmed that we had made the right decision.”

One system replaced many 

“Before we went to SAP, we had multiple systems and lots of hands-on stuff. SAP Business One integrates all of that together."

“When we were looking for software in the smaller end of town market ... [it seemed] you needed to have two lots of software... the accounting system, and something to cover inventory control. However, we were able to find both of these in SAP Business One.”

Up and running fast

“We thought migrating would be difficult... turned out to be a very simple process. We didn't have a week to get it right. We needed to have a system that we could basically turn on and have work. We moved across from our old system to the new system on day one with no issues.”

Helps us grow

“Since we made the move to SAP Business One, the company turnover has nearly tripled… with four to five times the number of inventory items. If we were trying to use the old systems we would be really finding it very difficult.”

Simple to use

“I still find it difficult with some software, but I'm able to navigate my way around this software on a day-to-day basis and find most of the things I need. SAP Business One allows us to do what we need to do without spending a lot of time doing it, so that we can get on and spend time with our customers.”

On budget

“The cost of SAP was far better than we had thought and was in fact cheaper than the competition and gave us features and benefits that we weren't able to get with the other software.”

Don’t be scared!

“If you're in the market to buy some new software to run your business, please don't be scared off by the word SAP. It has a lot to offer, it's far more affordable than you might think.”

A partner in success

Speciality Diagnostix partnered with Key Business Solutions to get everything up and running, led by Professional Services Director Deryc Turner.

“We've been in business since 1987, and specialise in helping small businesses grow using technology, particularly in the wholesale distribution and service industries” said Deryc Turner.

“We recommend SAP Business One often as it enables businesses to integrate everything into one system. Yes, it runs the finances like standard systems, but it adds inventory management, analytics, alerts, reporting and forecasting… so you can get the insights you need to be proactive and strategic.”

Let us prove it to you

Our clients are often very surprised to learn that with SAP Business One cloud, you can get a starter pack for as little at $140 per user per month. And when you look at the other solutions in the market, which require add-ons and other third party software, it just makes a lot of sense to have one system manage everything.

Feel free to reach out to me if you require any further information.

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