If you’re like a lot of small businesses, you may think that SAP® Business One is too costly, too complex and really only for the big end of town.



Nothing could be further from the truth.


The fact is SAP Business One is a surprisingly affordable business management software solution that’s designed – and priced – for small business. For example, an SAP Business One Cloud Starter Pack licence costs around $4 per day. So for a fraction more than you would pay for a Xero or MYOB licence, you’re getting so much more power and functionality with SAP Business One.


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Streamline. Simplify. Breathe.

SAP Business One lets you manage your entire business from a single, user-friendly interface. It helps you reduce complexity and streamline your processes so you can manage your day-to-day operations more efficiently, boost performance and drive sustainable business growth.

Better insights = better decision-making

SAP Business One provides clear visibility over your entire operations. This visibility gives you deeper insights into your business so you can make decisions based on real time information, rather than gut feel.

Control your destiny

SAP Business One puts you in total control over every aspect of your business. View financials, sales, inventory, operations and more at the touch of a button, plus run comprehensive real time reports to know exactly where your business stands.

Made for your small business

To see how SAP Business One can help you streamline your processes, provide you with deeper insights and put you in total control of your business operations, call us on 02 9648 3383 or email sales@keybusinesssolutions.com.au.